My Little Pony: The Plothole

A commission for one of my clients known online as Dusty. She wanted to do some fan art of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic cartoon that was funny and tongue-in-cheek. The idea was to have fun with the characters in a risque, kind-of PG-13 setting you'd never see on the show, like a strip club.

In our little make believe story line here, the PLOTHOLE, a high-class strip palace, is having a charity event sponsored by T.H.R.O.B. (short for Terrific Horses Rescuing Orphan Bunnies.) Since the Event is an Amateur Night, Rarity and Rainbow Dash, for their own reasons convince a number of the other characters to help out. Even the ever-bashful Fluyttershy--she just has to do something to help those poor orphan bunnies.

Hopefully the picture will more or less speak for itself and be amusing whether you know the characters or not.

Available for commissions! Just email me at plucas1@hotmail for details.