Post-Apocalypse Bar

Just another night of R&R after the end of the world as we know it...

A commission recently finished for Wolfrider, featuring a plethora of characters belonging to him and others. A quick rundown:

Front row, L-R: Jenna, Firehyena (in female form), Toklan (being boob-hatted), Keisha the snake girl, Sora (catching a whiff of drunk skunk), Marie, SK.

Back row at the bar, L-R: Amber (proprietor), Rina, Gabe, Kalida, Silkenpaw, Dressari (pouring drinks), Joshua, Luna, KF, Nin, and Tk (trying to win a drunken bar bet).

This is the most complex pic I've ever done so far, with 18 distinct characters. It was a fun challenge, i admit. = )

If anyone is interested in a similar commission, just contact me at plucas1[at]