CNN'S SCIENCE PAGE For up-to-date news.
DISCOVER Magazine In-Depth science and technology articles.
POPULAR MECHANICS Online The Past, Present and Future of Machines.
POPULAR SCIENCE Online The Future Now.
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Expert articles and commentary on all things science.
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Exploration of the world at its finest.
HOWSTUFFWORKS.COM Everything you wanted to know about existing technology.


NASA The official site of the US's National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
NASA's Astronomy Picture Of The Day A neat daily astronomy treat.
NSSDC Photo Gallery A large archive of NASA images of various astronomical objects.
ESA The official site of The European Space Agency.
Russian Space Web News and History of Astronautics in the former USSR.
SPACE.COM THE independent space resource on-line.
Encyclopedia Astronautica A comprehensive encyclopedia of space history.


ARMY-TECHNOLOGY.COM The website for the Defense Industries-Army
DEFENSETECH.ORG The future of the military, law enforcement, and homeland security.
SPACEWAR.COM Military Tech Page The latest developments from your world at war.


Strange Horizons A weekly specualtive e-zine, and a frequent publisher of the webmaster's articles.
SF Site Many great reviews and commentaries.
Jeff Russel's Starship Dimensions An amazing site that shows to scale a huge variety of SF ships and artifacts.
3D Star Maps From both real space and science fiction.
Desktop Starships A huge collection of stunning scifi and fantasy digital art. WARNING: some mature content.
Hadrosaur Productions One of the best small press SF/F publishers; produces the magazine Tales of the Talisman


Hard Shell Word Factory Publisher of the best ebooks on the web.
SETI@Home Help search for extra-terrestial intelligence.
FAIR Society Help search for killer asteroids.
Stumbled Upon Stumble Upon the best the web has to offer.

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